Detox Before You're Expecting-coverFrontBeing pregnant is an amazing experience.

But before you conceive, you’ll want to do everything possible to minimize risk and maximize the well-being of mother and child. What if you could get to optimal levels of health before you conceive? Detox Before You’re Expecting provides a step-by-step detox that will help you cleanse your system and reach optimal health for carrying a baby. Inside, you’ll find:

• Gentle, whole-foods cleansing program
• Delicious, nutrient-packed recipes
• Natural, non-toxic product guide
• Fertility-boosting plan

Don’t wait! Your baby’s healthy beginning starts with you getting healthy first, even before you see the plus sign.


“Rea Frey cuts through all the diet noise and focuses on one thing: health. This book isn’t about what you cut out – it’s about what you add in.”Jack Norris, co-author of Vegan for Life

9781572841413Power Vegan is a guide to using plant-based nutrition to power your daily life. Whether you want to eat for energy, build muscle or simply feel and function better, Power Vegan provides a balanced, personalized approach to a healthier lifestyle. No fad diets or “quick fixes” – just sound nutrition advice, easy recipes, and unique workouts to take your training to the next level.

The idea behind power eating is not a fad diet. It’s about incorporating foods into your life that you like, make you feel good, are easy to prepare, and are not too expensive. The book is filled with tips, answers to the most common excuses (I don’t know how to cook! I’m too tired! My kids won’t eat healthy! I have no will-power!), as well as easy 30-minutes-or-less recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts, and snacks. Quick, intense workouts you can do in the comfort of your own home will also help you bust through those physical plateaus.

The best part? You don’t have to be a vegan or vegetarian. We can all learn to be healthier by paying attention to what we eat. Power Vegan isn’t about what you cut out that’s important – it’s about what you can add in.

Power Vegan’s three core eating principles are the no-nonsense path to health. The sweet and savory recipes are satisfying for plant eaters and steak lovers alike. And the creative exercises are sure to add inspiration to your fitness routine.”Dawn Jackson Blatner, RD, author of The Flexitarian Diet


“A manual for catching unfaithful loves in their deceptions, Frey explores the dark side of love, offering signs, tips and tools for dealing with love gone bad.”Kirkus Reviews

With 60% of men admitting to an affair at some point during their marriage, far too many women have been left feeling broken by infidelity. But despite the lame excuses he might give, cheating is not part of his DNA—and armed with the right information, women can learn affair-proof their relationship and move on after infidelity.

Frey reveals the signs of infidelity, the causes that lead to a person being unfaithful, and answers the elusive question of “What comes next?” Co-authored with Stephany Alexander, founder of, The Cheat Sheet uncovers the entanglement of infidelity with tools as simple as quizzes and as extensive as GPS systems. Each chapter includes true stories of infidelity, common cheating excuses to be wary of, the reasons why a person feels compelled to cheat, how to address a cheater, how to forgive a person’s wrong-doings and insight to know whether or not a relationship is worth fighting for or if it is best to move on.


Living the Mediterranean Diet creates an approachable way to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle and includes a bounty of traditional Mediterranean recipes with a California flair.

With fresh and nutritious recipes, you can enjoy creative dishes to stay health and fit. From healthy whole grains, crisp, farmers’ market vegetables to freshly caught fish and health fats, Living the Mediterranean Diet has proven itself as one of the most sustainable programs for improving health and achieving your ideal weight.

In addition to the delicious recipes, learn about the principles of the Mediterranean diet, including the important macronutrients and micronutrients one needs, the nutritional breakdown of each food group, the “dirty dozen” and “clean fifteen,” as well as the lifestyle this sustainable program brings to daily life.

Whatever your dietary or lifestyle goal, Living the Mediterranean Diet provides a sensible plan and unique, easy recipes to keep you on track.