The Desire Map

The Heart of the Matter

Have you ever tried to define yourself—really define yourself—with just one word?
Go on. Try it.
I played this game with my husband and family over the holidays, and it was insightful.

Rea Frey resistance

5 Ways to Lose Your Resistance

The other day, I had an epiphany: Resistance rules my life.
Quite literally, in the gym, I’m resisting…against weights, the ground or myself. With work, sometimes, I resist.

Toddler Hell

Happy Holidays, I’m in Toddler Hell

Today, I couldn’t do anything right.
Despite waking up to a toddler munching on my breasts, and my head in a fog, after yet another blissless night of fragmented sleep, I still decided to be positive.

Hope is a Muscle

“Everyone has a plan until they get hit.” – Mike Tyson
March 1996
Christy Martin slammed her right hand into Deirdre Gogarty’s face.

Letters of Love

I love love letters. Whether handwritten, typed, or sent to an inbox, there’s something about that rush of emotions that makes my heartbeat quicken and my hands itch to write back.