Toddler Hell

Happy Holidays, I’m in Toddler Hell

Today, I couldn’t do anything right.
Despite waking up to a toddler munching on my breasts, and my head in a fog, after yet another blissless night of fragmented sleep, I still decided to be positive.

Hope is a Muscle

“Everyone has a plan until they get hit.” – Mike Tyson
March 1996
Christy Martin slammed her right hand into Deirdre Gogarty’s face.

Letters of Love

I love love letters. Whether handwritten, typed, or sent to an inbox, there’s something about that rush of emotions that makes my heartbeat quicken and my hands itch to write back.

Growing Pains

Today, Sophie ventured over to primary school. Up until now, she’s been with me and Alex or in her toddler Montessori class, where she’s made fourteen other friends.

Harness the Power

World, meet the harness. No, this is not a sex toy article. The exercise harness and I go way back. For just $20, I have tortured clients (and myself) by using nothing but body weight, a partner, and a little resistance.

Love What Matters

Today, you are two.
Today, you have low pigtails, hair in your eyes and a gap between your teeth.
Today, you can say almost any word, with your garbled, expanding vocabulary.