The Truth About Pregnancy

As I was sitting at my perch today, pecking away at keys and forcing myself not to get on Facebook or check email but to finish my articles and work on some fiction, I was hit with some “truths” about pregnan

Home Sweet Home

Today marks a new beginning. We can argue that everyday we have new beginnings. We wake up, the slate is wiped clean, and we choose our paths. Go to work or rebel. Follow the list or chuck it.

‘Tis The Season

As the holidays come to a close, I am looking ahead to the new year and all the changes it will bring.

The Mommy Wars

My mother, 8 months pregnant with me…
Who can ever understand what a mother goes through until you step into her shoes? Growing up, I was irrationally close to my mother.

Eating for 2, Not 22

Our "no" turkey day, complete with white bean and potato mash, acorn squash with quinoa, parsley and pistachios, brussels with cranberries and walnuts, peanut sweet potato soup, salad and fresh bread.

Pregnancy Books: Friend or Foe?

Upon first learning that I was pregnant, I immediately wanted to snag as many books as possible. After all, I love reading – and this is a completely foreign subject matter.