The Mommy Wars

My mother, 8 months pregnant with me…
Who can ever understand what a mother goes through until you step into her shoes? Growing up, I was irrationally close to my mother.

Eating for 2, Not 22

Our "no" turkey day, complete with white bean and potato mash, acorn squash with quinoa, parsley and pistachios, brussels with cranberries and walnuts, peanut sweet potato soup, salad and fresh bread.

Pregnancy Books: Friend or Foe?

Upon first learning that I was pregnant, I immediately wanted to snag as many books as possible. After all, I love reading – and this is a completely foreign subject matter.

Baby’s First Visit

The day has arrived.
I awoke on October 18, 2011, eager to see my mother, who decided to fly up for my first doctor’s appointment.

The Nausea Has Arrived

Whoever invented morning sickness is a real asshole.
There’s nothing like getting up at 5:00a.m. to go train a client when you can’t even stomach breakfast. Those who know me know that eating is my life.